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No matter whether sporty or discreet strikingly elegant, whether polished silver, white, painted in exclusive matt black or chrome - you can always find the latest alloy rim designs with various hole circles and sizes currently up to 32 inches. In our large assortment with over 300 different designs from more than 30 manufacturers has a very wide range of exceptional alloy rim.

We offer you the shipping and professional installation at a convenient financing for your selected alloy rim.

Be inspired and set up today for your non-committal request.

We are happy to advise on interdisciplinary design and size and help you to find the most fitting design and the right tire for your needs.

Ihre Wunsch Felge auf Ihrem Fahrzeug bereits jetzt virtuell betrachten.

You would like to see your favourite wheels on your vehicle?

Use our rims configurator and get a first insight into the diverse world of rims. Our rims configurator you use as follows: You choose from our database your vehicle and equip it virtually with the rims of your choice. For your rims is in our database also available the right tires, which we offer from many major manufacturers.


For the perfect rims you need fitting tires.

Tires not only look good, they also give us the opportunity to contact with the road to interlocking and that forms the basis for implementation of dynamic handling performance of our vehicles. Although vehicle dynamics control systems are ineffective due to physical limits, or Aquaplaning on wet roads. In such cases high-performance tires have a higher potential to safe our lives.

We therefore only offer a small range of products, from the point that only a limited number of tire brands and tire types can really satisfy the demands of a sporting driver - especially when it comes to subject security. For this reason we retreat for our customers from tires of the Far East.

We advise you competently with respect to the advantages and disadvantages of each model.

Together with you we are looking for the tires of your needs for comfort and sportiness is just and appropriate that the drivability of the tires is for everyday life or on the racetrack.

Please remember:

"A good tire is always there when you need him - a bad convinced only when you buy them." Stefan Düsel, 2008

Convince yourself that a good tire is not always expensive. Whatever summer, winter, rain or offroad tires - we can help you.


For enhanced performance of our vehicles, we also recommend a customized high performance braking performance in exchange.

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