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The heart of any vehicle

The engine is not only the heart of every vehicle, but he is also the indicator of pure driving pleasure. To reserve capacity of existing engines to increase the joy of driving, we offer different packages of performance optimization.

The performance potentials can be significantly improved by optimizing the engine electronics, by using special air intake and cooling systems. Together with partners we implement also turbo and supercharger technology in combination with specific performance headers, or by the use of complete stainless steel sport exhaust systems with Race-metal catalysts.

Even small changes can improved engine response and increased the torque.

On individual request, we can arrange a dynamo meter testing to record the improvements under real driving conditions and also to provide a guarantee for our conversions.


Turbo and BiTurbo conversions (TwinTurbo)

The turbocharged engines offer a measurable increase of max torque and power output.

The levels of our individual performance upgrades include the addition of turbo-shoring and technology BiTurbo (TwinTurbo), the power matching of engine components and the engine block with all cylinders, valves, connecting rods and pistons. Through the use of special seals, a correspondingly larger dimensioned engine cooling and air intake system, special software, and diagnose engine components and also reliability and long-term performance are guaranteed under the most extreme conditions.

We do only offer durable racing components that have been used and tested in Germany by renowned suppliers. Our qualified partners and our technical staff will handle every reconstruction and engine up-grade with the utmost care and diligence to meet your highest requirements.

Are you interested in more details to improve performance by Turbo or Supercharger? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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