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Fascination classic cars

Classic cars fascinate everyone who is inspired of old forms because they are evidence of true automotive manufacturing art.

Back when cars were created from paper drawings and genuine craftsmanship still had a meaning. In this time they build up true masterpieces on two and four wheels. Depending on the current condition and market conditions, these icons are often quite rare and a stable value investment.

Many associate with such a vehicle particularly good memories or just the fulfilment of a long-awaited childhood dream.

We also know that every classic car has to tell its own story. Often it is the patina that testifies to the driver and machine have already spent a few kilometres in many years together.

Just like to us humans the time leaves to the vehicles some tracks and often harms the existing substance of the classic car. To preserve the originality of the classic car and the related stories and memories too our team of experienced car restorers, body designers and upholsterers to the maintenance and restoration of automotive treasures of bygone days. We see ourselves in the automotive craftsmanship and commitment to get even the charm of bygone days alive without destroying the flair of the classic car.

Whether routine servicing, repairs of the whole body with rare original parts of the car manufacturers or even a restoration from the ground up, with us you have found a reliable, competent and experienced partner.

Starting with the welding repair sheet metal, the making of missing metal parts, the tinning of the body, the removal of rust, sand blasting and painting work, the saddler works to accident repairs on vintage and classic cars – when you give you classic car to us and our experienced restoration partners your vehicle is in good hands.

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