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Engineered and hand-crafted in Germany

Our reputation of today is the result of immeasurable attitude towards building only the best exhaust systems focused on sound, optics and performance features.
This commitment will guide us to continue providing individual and unique exhaust systems with incomparable handcrafted, long lasting quality, perfect style, and incredible sound.

Always following our own perfectionism our company stands for high-class development and prototyping to meet the demands for the automobile supplier as well as for each and every other costumer.

 individual and unique exhaust systems, with a variety of end tips in compliance with your individual tuning-wishes

Latest manufacturing methods as well as our machinery park ensure that the fabrication of each product meets only of the highest quality standards.

Our exhaust-systems are constructed of 100% stainless steel – designed to meet your performance requirements, engineered and hand-crafted in Germany. Each product is also quality approved (TüV approve) and in the last step tested on local race tracks and the autobahn.

Our Engineers plan and develop each system under consideration of the vehicle layout, the individual motor type and displacement, and general operating range and conditions.

All components of our exhaust systems, from the tubing shape and size to the muffler dimensions, is meticulously calculated and optimized for each individual vehicle.

This long term of development guarantees a noticeable performance increase under all driving conditions with an improvement of horsepower and torque.

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