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We build emotions on two or four wheels!

Prototyping IntegraTip rear diffuser with integrated end tips, for the individual tuning

Prototypes and special vehicles come from our highest visions.

In accordance with the individual requirements of our customers and by the consideration of high security, production and quality standards we build up custom vehicles which let no hardly needs or desires openly.

Starting with a simple drawing, we are developing even extensive vehicle concepts to production approval or racing. Together with our long-standing and experienced partner companies we build up customer's tailor-made dream automobiles with all the details.

We count not quantity but the quality of each of our products. We therefore guarantee the professional development and production in meticulous handwork on location in Germany.

Therefore we set our goals in all areas on the requirements of the good old German automotive industry and striving for perfection in every detail.

We had many projects – All became successes!

A part of the IntegraTip rear diffusor with integrated end tips in carbon design, for the individual tuning

Starting with the uncompromising, purist-style roadster pick-up through various transformations of luxury vehicles to FUV's (Fun-utility vehicle) - A lot of dreams became reality on two or four wheels.

Have you ever seen a Mini Cooper Speedster?
Do you know someone who drives an Audi A8 PickUp?
And how crazy you have to be to place the complete Porsche Turbo technology in a VW Bully to get the fastest dog transporter from Germany?

We are happy to answer these and other questions about prototyping and customization with pride.

Our team of draftsmen, technicians, engineers and consultants is ready for your challenges!

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