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Injection Moulding

Injection moulding is a moulding process that can be used to economically produce directly usable parts with a large quantity. It is called mass production process that can produce in a single step finished moulded parts with complex geometry and in nearly any size. It requires only little or no rework and enables the production of injection moulded parts in short cycle times.

It is plasticized to an injection moulding machine with the material (plastic) in an injection unit and injected into a mould. The cavity of the tool determines the shape and surface texture of the finished part. The injection moulding enables to produce objects with a high accuracy (e.g. for use in precision engineering, and / or mass products) in a short time. Here, the surface of the component can be selected almost freely. With this method they can be produced parts of a few tenths of grams to kilograms in the two-digit range.

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