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Social Commitment

As a traditional German company, we are aware of the social responsibilities involved in the position of Germany with him. Our efforts and our social commitment, we always adapt to the current social needs.

Unfortunately we can't stop the current trends of demographic change and the associated Ageing of the society. However for an example we can at least try to improve the conditions for the youth, because today's youth is our future of tomorrow.

For this reason it is of course our part to advance and support the activities of the youth.

We not only have gasoline in our blood we are also inspired from sport. For this reason, we work with a local sports club and allow young people to compete in tournaments and contests with an uniform outfit. This will reinforce the team spirit which is expected of them in daily life and contributes up our message of commitment to the public.

Encouraging young talent is also in our company an integral part of our development strategy in the coming years. Therefore, we are working hard to give the youth in the future professional work basis in Germany and will therefore develop from next year in two professional fields.

Although intended to outweigh the good side of life among the young, but there are also people who are not so lucky and of an adverse fate they are marked with an illness or disability.

Especially in difficult times, the help of us is most required and so we recently supported a project for children with cancer in Magdeburg the state capital of Saxony-Anhalt in an unprecedented fund-raising. Through this project the University Hospital in Magdeburg has been added a children parents home. This offers the parents of sick children the opportunity to reside in their area and to be there for them in despite difficult circumstances. Surely we can help with our actions only a few people but important for us is to set an example and create responsibility for social commitment in the awareness of others.

If you also have eligible programs that can inspire us and strengthen the social interaction please talk to us. We look forward to every new and innovative idea to common change something.

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