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das ist die erklärung der frage1, die in der illustration gestellt wird. der kunde kann hier draufklicken, dann kommt er zur ausführlichen erklärung, die auf einer unterseite angeboten wird.As a specifically developing and manufacturing company we are the professionals for Interior- and Exterior requests as well as for exhaust system witch we also commercialize ourself . Therefor we not always orientateon every trend but convert only ideas and proven approaches to be able to offer sustainable innovative and high quality product design in the future.We believe in individuality and perfection in every detail, on automotive understatement with a sportive claim, on uniqueness of a smaller product series under consideration of the high qualitative automotive volume production. Our products are designed by automotive enthusiasts and built to meet the highest standards - those of the automotive industry, our customers and of course our own!Because our vehicle concepts should also carry emotions. Each of our product is an individual component witch is perfecty suited to the natural designed aesthetics of each vehicle and its technical requirements. Our own developed and performance-optimized stainless steel sports exhaust systems a much more powerful with a sonorous sound, which make you experience our sportive claim - which we call optical and sound design.

InCarStyle Automotive Germany

This company name stands for innovative and perfect auto accessories. We style your car in a unique and most outstanding way, that only others can dream of! Whether you are dreaming of new wheels or maybe adding a new exhaust system with a wild look, we can make it happen!!!

Here, our team of specialists strives for only two things, perfection and exclusiveness!

We specialize all accessories, from wheels/rims, interior designs, to stainless steal exhaust systems. We also offer tailor-made exhaust systems for just about any vehicle on the market. From our top-notch quality products to our most dedicated and friendly customer service, we guarantee that you will be satisfied for years to come, and we'll make your car dreams come to reality!

Our products are manufactured with the highest attention to detail and quality, leaving you with an exclusive, “one-of-a-kind” product that nobody else can beat!

From our passion of the industry of automotive accessories, we want to impress you with our products which are made from the highest quality materials. You simply let us know what your wishes are and leave the worries to us and we will take care of the rest!


You want to transpose your visions into reality and experience how a prototype turns into a real dream of a unique vehicle? You want to imagine how your visions feel in reality?

In cooperation with our partners we can offer you our complete prototyping realization with a wide range of process technologies and materials that will turn your automotive visions into a real concept
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IntegraTip rear diffuser with integrated end tips in carbon design, for the individual tuning

new VW Golf 6 GTI development

To give the Golf 6 GTI / GTD (5K0) rear a more dynamic view, we rely on a rear diffuser / rear valance with an not yet seen end tip design IntegraTip (integrated end tip).


VW Golf IV GTI tuning, IntegraTip rear diffuser with integrated end tips out of high-quality ABS-plastic

carbon application

For the interior and exterior of your vehicle, we offer real-carbon applications in over 7 different colors. Our carbon convinces with elegant design, handcrafted in Germany. Selected materials to meet the standards of the automotive industry and guarantee a wide range of application. Request your carbonizing today! If autos, motorcycles, boats or furniture – Everything is possible!
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Interior and exterior tuning with carbon applications

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